Writing The Four Types of Love

Saturday 13 April 2019

It's safe to say the majority of us are anticipating April 26th. The countdown is now on, not just for the final part of Avengers: Infinity War - but to see just how our favourite superheroes (the non-dusted variety) are going to resolve their Thanos - sized problem!

One of the (many!) reasons why the stories of MCU work, are because the audience actually care about the characters. The super powers, atom- blasts, the capes, hammers - that's all exciting theatrical extras - but the core of these characters are what resonant with us. And that's important, because if we don't care then WHAT IS THE MOTIVATION? WHY do they need to overcome their struggles? Without empathy from the audience in any story, you have nothing to work with. 

Today's post is exploring The Four Types of Love (derived from the ancient Greeks) -  depicted through Marvel characters and their relationships onscreen. 

Into The Script is going to show you a quick recap on what these types of love ARE and HOW they can be used/written in your projects!

Philia (Friendship)

Philia is a friendship that is instant, a primary kind of love.

We cannot survive without Philia.

It has the power to change others and the world with it's civilisational impact.

Philia is:
  • warm, affectionate, platonic love. 
  • to desire a friendship with someone
  • often referred to as 'brotherly love'
  • the opposite of Phobia.

Storge (Family) 

Storge is natural affection.

Usually the love of a parent towards a child or between siblings. 

It is a natural type of love and lasts a lifetime.

Storge is:

  • a binding love
  • an affection with deep roots within the family 
  • a bond that remains strong - even during fights, anger or frustration.

Eros (Romance)

Originated from the word 'erotic' - passionate and romantic love

Eros represents desire and passion. 

It can often be the catalyst for the hero's call to action.

Eros can  sometimes be used, abused and lead to dangerous, impulsive acts leading to our hero's misfortune or downfall. 

Eros is:

  • A blinding love
  • can be considered 'dangerous' or frightening' due to a loss of control regarding romantic feelings/passion
  • a powerful love that can inspire both good and bad action

Agape (Unconditional Love)

Agape is the deepest, truest form of love.

It is a faithful and committed love regardless of the circumstances. 

It is considered the most powerful form of love due it's strong moral nature and character.

Agape is: 
  • A selfless love
  • A love that inspires action, a sacrifice often for the safety of others
  • A love focused purely on will and not driven by emotion, libido or experience. 

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  1. nfinity War is a great movie.
    I didn't have a chance to go to the cinema.
    But, Nop Rithy and I enjoyed it at home with a great pair of speakers.
    The article says exactly about the types of emotions in the movie !!!!