A New Horror Icon: An Interview with 'The Curse of La Llorona' star, Marisol Ramirez

Thursday 25 April 2019

Into The Script is so excited to welcome a very special guest today, actress and star of Box Office smash hit (currently the #1 movie in the world!) 'The Curse of La Lllorona' - Marisol Ramirez. Marisol is the most recent horror icon to join James Wan's terrifying 'The Conjuring Universe', as La Llorona - the ghostly woman known in Mexican folklore as 'The Weeping Woman'. 

Having brought a new set of nightmares to audiences worldwide, we knew Marisol would be the best person to ask about all things horror related.

So, if you'd like to find out about how to bring emotional depth to your own horror antagonist, and how to craft a 'human' horror story - let's handover to Marisol for her top tips and advice!

1.) The folktale that inspired The Curse of La Llorona is terrifying, with some people learning about it only after watching the movie. Can you talk about why you believe this legend resonates so well with audiences?
I think it’s a cool new and terrifying ghost story for all the people that did not know who she was.
I think to discover a new ghost story is thrilling and fun especially for horror fans! I think what resonates about this particular ghost story is the fact that she is a woman, and a mother who commits the most heinous deed.
Her spirit is stuck and forever roaming the earth looking for children. That’s a pretty scary and fascinating premise for audiences.

2.) You must have been so excited taking on the role of La Llorona, and bringing this horror icon to life onscreen. Can you share with us some of the key things you decided on when it came to portraying her, and how the script helped inspire/ inform you on some of these decisions?
I see her as a co‐dependant woman.
She has no sense of self, and needs to be validated by a man. When her partner betrays her she doesn’t have the self love or self referral to survive.
His abandonment causes her to have a complete break down of self, so much so that she commits the most terrible crime, killing her children to get back at him. When she realizes what she has done she kills herself.
There is a lot of rage in her and deep sorrow which propels her to do what she does, even in death.
The script brings together 3 different mothers who are all trying to do right by their children; Both Linda Cardellini’s and Patricia Velasquez’s characters are single mothers, under a lot of stress, who are trying to care for their children, which is beautifully juxtaposed with La Llorona who, seemingly evil, when you look deeper, is also a single mother, and is in death, desperately looking for her lost children.
I love that the script features these 3 women who are all in pain and who are all strong in their own way.

3.) With The Curse of La Llorona currently the number one movie in the world, what elements do you believe are crucial to creating a successful horror story, and as an actress what most excites you when being involved in such a project?
I think rhythm and tone are hugely important when creating the suspense needed for a good horror story.
What I love most about our film is that there is a very human story in place underneath the frights and scares. As an actress, I always wanted to be in a scary movie and I always wanted to play the object of fear in a scary movie; the anti-hero so to speak. So to have been able to play such an iconic ghost has been nothing but thrilling.

4.) Your portrayal of La Llorona means you are now one of the most recognized cinema c horror figures joining the likes of The Nun of the Conjuring franchise, and Samara from The Ring. A theme that connects these horror icons is that they endured considerably loss and pain which inspires their reign of terror. What 3 tips do you have for other writers, actresses and actors, and filmmakers on creating depth to their horror antagonist in their own projects?
Make sure you have fun doing it, otherwise what’s the point. Go for it! Go big, or go home :)

5.) You have been featured in some of the biggest shows on television such as The Mentalist and ER, and have voiced the character of Marina in three of the audiobooks of the bestselling I Am Number Four series. Can you share with us what first inspired you to begin your career in this industry, and how your first ‘break in’ the industry came to be?
I always wanted to be an actress; from the me I was a little kid. There was never any question for me that I would do anything else.
Having said that, it is a tough business that is not a meritocracy and there can be some rough times.
I guess my first break was getting an agent right out of school and that helped me get started. I went to Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutger’s University. I was lucky enough to be in a school that had an actor’s showcase along with other East Coast schools like NYU, Julliard, and Yale. I got an agent at that showcase and they started sending me out on auditions.

6.) As two female Latinas in the film industry, we’re incredibly excited to not only see you onscreen as La Llorona, but to also feature you on Into The Script. What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given for working in this industry, and would you mind sharing with our readers?

Don’t take anything personally. Do your best and let it go. and my personal favorite: There is no formula for success. Everyone is on a different path.

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