Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The Haunting of Hill House: How To Write A Convincing Ghost Story

If you haven't heard of Netflix's latest hit show The Haunting of Hill House, then you must have been hiding under a rock! 

This show without a doubt is more than deserving of it's reputation - it's easily one of the best shows I've ever come across. It's emotional, great character development AND some genuinely creepy moments more used to being seen in a Blumhouse horror film than a Netflix TV series. 

So, today we're going to dive into WHAT this show does SO well and HOW you can recreate these techniques within your own story. But BEWARE - SPOILERS!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

10 Awesome Tips For Filmmakers From Horror Heavyweights

With the awesome success of the Halloween sequel recently released - on top of horror hits such as Get Out, Happy Death Day and Hereditary - Horror is a genre BURSTING with emerging talent and new concepts demanding to be recognised. 

Obviously as a horror enthusiast, fan and writer - I think this is great news! 

So, let's turn to the OG's of the horror genre and learn the top 10 tips they have to share:

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

How I Optioned My Script via Twitter with Author, Screenwriter Fiona Leitch

Today's guest - Author & Screenwriter Fiona Leitch - is the ULTIMATE example of THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX, and in literal terms BUILDING. Which is exactly why I had to interview her!

Fiona has established her writing career in a very non-traditional way (which I'm all for!) as we all know, there's no set path for any filmmaker or writer to follow. AND in doing it her own way, she has come across some fantastic opportunities by using social media to her advantage! A reminder that there is no right or wrong way to pursue a career in the industry, and the endless opportunities that are available to you - you just don't know it yet.

So, if you'd like to hear how she optioned her script through Twitter AND just launched her first novel through Audible then keep on reading to hear her do's and don'ts! 

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Day of The Girl: Writing Powerful Cinematic Female Character Tropes (23 Scripts Included)

In honour of Day of The Girl last week, today's post is celebrating varied examples of  female character tropes from all genres  - the good and the bad-ass! 

On top of that, I've also sourced the links to 23 FREE scripts (with awesome female characters) available to download and read including; Wonder Woman,  Lady Bird, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Suffragette, Room and Bridesmaids.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Building an Online Platform: What Writers Can Learn From Bookstagrammers

If you're unfamiliar with the term 'bookstagrammer' then listen up! 

Bookstagrammers on Instagram are the social media stars that every publisher wants to work with, every author wants to give a copy of their latest novel for review - and every writer should be paying attention to! Why? Because Bookstagrammers are in the know! They appeal to their followers because they are REAL, genuine book lovers who are always in search for the perfect read. And we listen to what they have to say!

Their Instagram account is ALL about reading, sharing beautiful books and what current trends or classic books readers may want to try. Which is definitely something all writers should be taking note of! 

So bearing this in mind, I recently had the opportunity to speak to the wonderful Sally from BooksCupsandCandles where she shared her top tips for getting back in your reading stride, building an online platform AND what a reader REALLY wants! 

With over 11,000 followers on Instagram - Sally is the lady you need to listen to! 


Thursday, 11 October 2018

16 Terrifying Horror Scripts To Read & Learn From This Halloween

Have I mentioned I'm a huge horror fan? Thought I probably had! 

I LOVE to read any horror script I can get my hands on. Of course I'm a fan of classics such as Alien, The Exorcist, The Omen, Halloween and Friday 13th - but today, I wanted to talk about some other golden examples of HOW to write a terrifying and marketable horror film. 

See below for 6 writing tips and a full list of links to read the 16 horror scripts!

Friday, 5 October 2018

The Bloggers Toolbox: Essential Top 20 Links (To Read, Study & Learn From)

So you figure you'd give blogging a try? Great! 

You've come to the right place - I've found 20 Top links that will cover EVERYTHING you  could ever need to know to become a blogging pro! 

So explore, make notes and remember - it's all down to you and the work you put into your blog. 

It's not an overnight success kinda gig, but it is SO worth it in the end!

What are you waiting for? 

Happy reading & enjoy these 20 Top Links:


Monday, 1 October 2018

5 Filmmaking Quotes & Film Scripts To Read From Stanley Kubrick

It's the first of October, one of my favourite months because that means indulging in all things spooky! And while we're on the topic of what goes bump in the night, let's look to one of the greats - Stanley Kubrick - for some Monday morning motivation:

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