The Bloggers Toolbox: Essential Top 20 Links (To Read, Study & Learn From)

Friday 5 October 2018

So you figure you'd give blogging a try? Great! 

You've come to the right place - I've found 20 Top links that will cover EVERYTHING you  could ever need to know to become a blogging pro! 

So explore, make notes and remember - it's all down to you and the work you put into your blog. 

It's not an overnight success kinda gig, but it is SO worth it in the end!

What are you waiting for? 

Happy reading & enjoy these 20 Top Links:

1) Blogging Platforms - Which One?

First of all, decide which blogging platform you're going to use to write your blog. BOTH are free, it's really just preference!

Wordpress or Blogger 

2) 81 Topic Ideas For Starting A Blog That Matters

Not totally sure on what to blog about? No problem! Checkout this MAMMOTH list of 81 topic ideas. 

81 Topic Ideas For Starting A Blog 

3) Blogging Theme Templates

If you want to take you're blogging to the next level, AND have others take you seriously - then you're going to need a professional blogging template.  Free ones don't cut it! 

Check out some affordable templates here for an idea of what you might like. 

4) How To  Write The Perfect Blog Post

There are some key ways to writing a blog post - it's not as simple as clicking publish. Learn EXACTLY what to do & NOT to when it comes to writing the PERFECT blog post!

5) 5 Ways To Build An Audience

You need to know exactly how to reach your readership, and with this fab article you'll learn 5 ways to build up your audience!

6) 6 Ways To Find Success As A Writer With Your Blog

Finding success as a blogger won't happen overnight - but that doesn't mean it's impossible!

Checkout these 6 tips all about how to become a successful blogger and get your blog noticed. 

7) Blog Post Title Generator

Sometimes, it can be tricky coming up with a catchy title. And the title is SO important! 

So for those days when creativity just isn't landing results, use this awesome Blog Post Title Generator! 

8) 14 Social Media Apps You Need For Blogging

Social Media and getting to grips with it is crucial in the blogging game. Here are the top 14 social media apps you need to checkout to maximise your blogging platform. 

Top 14 Social Media Apps You Need

9) How To Write A Guest Post Pitch & Get Accepted by Major Sites

Writing guest posts for other blogging sites and platforms is a great way to build your online presence. 

In order to stand out against the crowd with a winning blogging pitch - read this article. It covers EVERYTHING!

How To Write A Guest Post & Get Accepted

10) 15 Personal Branding Tips For The Aspiring Blogger

You have to have a clear idea of what your personal brand is all about. No idea what branding is or why you need it?

This is a must read - 15 Personal Branding Tips

11) 15 Tips For Writing Audience-Engaging Content

Here are 15 of the best tips when it comes to writing content that the audience will LOVE! 

12) How To Make Money Blogging

The golden question - How to make money blogging?

Well, the answer obviously isn't so straight forward - BUT, here are some handy tips on how to get you there!

How To Make Money Blogging

13)  13 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

Don't fall in the usual pitfalls beginner bloggers make! 

Remember, you're in this for the long run - 13 Blogging Mistakes Most Beginner Bloggers Make

14)  Free Images For Your Blog Posts

You'll be needing copyright free images for your blog -  so here's one of my favourite go-to sites! 

15) How To Promote Your Blog: 101 Free Ways To Increase Traffic

You've written that inspiring post & now it's time to get it READ! 

Wanna know 101 FREE Ways to increase your readership? Look no further! 

16) The Ultimate Guide To Instagram For Bloggers

Instagram is an amazing platform and aid when it comes to blogging. 

So here's the ULTIMATE GUIDE on HOW to utilise this & start getting results for your blog!

17)  How To Build Your Twitter Following For Business 

Just like Instagram, Twitter is another essential social media platform to use when it comes to reaching a bigger audience. 

18) How To Track Blog Traffic In Google Analytics

Not sure what or why you need to know about analytics when it comes to blogging? 

Don't worry, this article covers this and more!

19) Five Things To Watch in Your Blog Analytics

Not sure exactly what you need to be tracking in your analytics? 

Don't miss this handy round up of 5 Things To Watch in Your Analytics!

20) 20 Ways to Be Just Another Mediocre Blogger

Jon Morrow is THE man to go to when it comes to blogging 101 - so checkout his 20 tips to consider so you don't fall into the blogging black hole. 

Want to get noticed? Take his advice! 

20 Ways to Be Just Another Mediocre Blogger

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