Olivia Brennan is a Life Coach, Writer, Podcast Host, Producer, Journal Therapist, Blogger and founder of Into The Script. She is also the founder of Script Naked Coaching. Since graduating with a BA Honours in English Literature, Creative Writing & Film and Television Studies in 2014, Olivia started her blog. Into The Script is a platform providing writing and filmmaking craft tips, how-to articles and Industry interviews.

Olivia also uses her platform to passionately support the voices of other BAME creatives and Women In Film.

Olivia has interviewed some of the most influential filmmakers and writers in the world; including award-winning screenwriters, producers, managers, directors and other industry professionals who have worked on projects such as the Jurassic Park franchise, Star Wars and Harry Potter and with studios such as Universal, Netflix, Disney and Marvel.

She has also been featured as a guest blogger on some of the most notable screenwriting and filmmaking sites such as Bang2Write, Stage 32 and Shore Scripts. Olivia previously worked as a feature writer in Entertainment & Research at Shore Scripts, a feature writer & interview host at Bang2Write (UK's No.1 Screenwriting blog), and as a script reader with the world's largest screenwriting event - The London Screenwriter's Festival.