The Mandalorian: Writing The Bounty Hunter

Wednesday 18 November 2020

If you're anything like me, during lockdown Disney+ has been an absolute godsend! Which of course, brings me to the amazing series The Mandalorian. 

In today's post, I'm to give a quick summary on how to write The Bounty Hunter trope, using The Mandalorian as an example.

Let's get to it!

What exactly is a Bounty Hunter?

The Bounty Hunter trope is a character that originally was found in Wild West stories, but has since branched into many other genres.

The bounty hunter has one specific goal - to capture criminals and bring them to justice! 

What makes the Bounty Hunter so compelling?

A bounty hunter is cynical, gruff and usually has characteristics and traits that judged by other citizens and locals around them - are no better than the criminals he/she hunts. 

This leads to an almost lone wolf existence. Outcast by most, feared by many, hunted by others which means there aren't many people the bounty hunter trusts which is just as well! 

Why the Bounty Hunter trope is so popular?

The trope is so popular because it's so DIVERSE! 

The bounty hunter could be anyone or anything, in ANY genre! 

Maybe your bounty hunter is the villain of your story, or perhaps like The Mandalorian, they have solar focus on one specific goal/job to do. 

But above all, no matter what obstacle is thrown into the mix - the bounty hunter gets the job done! 

In The Mandalorian, audiences have fallen in love with The Child whom our favourite bounty hunter must protect at all costs. 

Because of the often grey moral areas of what a bounty hunter must do in order to do the right thing, this trope is very often considered Lawful Neutral...

What's that?

Glad you asked!

Lawful Neutral is...

  • A character that believes in order above anything
  • They seek to preserve the law, obey the law and protect the law


  • A Lawful Neutral character follows their OWN personal vision and version of what they believe the law to be, also taking into account the environment they may find themselves in. 
  • The bounty hunter is considered one of the villains greatest threats, mostly because the bounty hunter is a relentless force. 

A bounty hunter is usually extremely skilled, hunted either for their skillset to be used for the opposing side, or to be killed for a fee and no longer considered a threat. 

They're always hustling! 

Very little about the bounty hunter's life is planned, they use their skills, limited cash, resources etc whatever is to hand to ensure they can keep going. 

This is not a character trope that is about excess. 

It's about what is essential in order to get the job finished. 

If you do choose to make your bounty hunter the hero of your story, then unlike other hero's - the bounty hunter has a neutral motivation opposed to positive. 

The job will be finished in one way or another, whatever it takes at whatever personal cost. 


This is the way! 

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