Tuesday, 7 April 2020

The Function Of Fairytales: Understanding & Applying Propp's Structure

With the recent launch of Disney+ it seemed a prime opportunity to highlight the function of fairytales, and why these adaptations are still very relevant for us as writers and filmmakers. Especially when we can make the most of this staying at home business and turn our Disney movie marathons into an educational opportunity!

Today at Into The Script, I'm breaking down Vladimir Propp's theory on the function of fairytales - and HOW you can apply this to your own projects. Propp identified 31 typical functions in a narrative structure that could be applied to all fairytales. 

Yes, 31 functions that form a narrative sequence that even major Hollywood blockbusters follow to this day!

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

From John Wick to Dreamworks: Working In Animation for TV/Film & Games, Meet Super Spline Studios Co-founder James Childs

Today’s ITS interview is all about movie, TV, and video game animation, which is the fantastic way professionals bring that much-needed emotion to the screen. 

A lot of us grew up seeing animated characters go from pixelated to crazy-detailed versions of themselves, and that made me curious. My “forte” is writing, so I had a lot to ask today’s guest. This chat might answer a few of your animation-related questions, as well.

Meet James Childs: animator and co-founder of Super Spline Studios. This talented guy and his amazing team work with clients that include owners of Disney, BBC, and Dreamworks. 

Curious about the animation process, experience, and much more? Let's hear what James had to share!

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