6 Websites That Will Kick Start Your Imagination & Next Project!

Friday 18 October 2019

Sometimes when it comes to our writing, we all could do with a bit of an inspiration booster. And while there are tons of opportunities for inspiration out in the real world, some can definitely be found online. 

In this post, I want to introduce to you 6 websites or ways I go about getting inspired with just a few clicks.

Fake Name Generator (https://namefake.com)

This website lets you create fake identities which can help if you are stuck when it comes to your characters' backstory.

It can also kickstart your thought process when you want to create a new character or story and don't quite know where to start. The fake name generator comes up with a whole new identity, including information such as an address, favourite sport and zodiac sign.

I also love to use it to come up with authentic names that fit the country my characters and their families are from.

The Story Starter (https://thestorystarter.com)

Sometimes you just need a random sentence to help you come up with an awesome story by going from there. This website is perfect for that purpose, you just have to press the button and the story starter will create a sentence that can help let inspiration come to you.

Sometimes, I generate multiple of those sentences and try to combine aspects of them in my head to make for an interesting storyline.

Random word generator (https://randomwordgenerator.com)

This is pretty similar to the story starter above, except it doesn't give you full sentences, but, as you probably have guessed from the name, random words.

You can choose how many words you want, specify the first and last letter if you want to, and decide how many syllables you want and how long the word should be.

I don’t really use those specifications, but the website is still a great resource and I often think about stories that combine multiple of the random words it gives me.

You might think that Wikipedia is only good for a bit of research and often not even a very reliable source for this. However, Wikipedia has a random article tool on their main page which I think is amazing to have random topics thrown at you which you can then use to incorporate in your next story!

Plus, it’s always interesting to learn something new you wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

News article generator (https://longform.org/random)

Newspapers in general are a great resource for inspiration. Whether that be your local newspaper, a random tabloid, or even one from a whole different country, they are very helpful to read about remarkable or ordinary stories and go from there.

This website is great if you want completely random articles from all kinds of places and years thrown at you.

I find those stories a great resource to take different aspects from and then start thinking about how to further develop them into a story.

Found is another amazing resource for those of us who are seeking to get inspired online. It’s like a huge database of things people have found outside.

Those things can go from love letters, to old pictures, poems and random lists and can be used as writing prompts. It’s also fun to just scroll through all the different pictures without a certain intention in mind and just letting your mind wander.

Who knows, maybe that way you will come up with an awesome storyline or even just a strong character you want to incorporate in one of your next stories!

I really hope this article gave you some ideas and showed you a few websites that you haven’t heard of yet!

Jenny Schwender is in her second year of studying Scriptwriting for Film and Television at Bournemouth University. 

She is currently working on a dramedy pilot episode and various short scripts while exploring life on set through different film productions in Germany. 

To know what she’s up to, you can follow her insta @jennyyy_000.

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