Friday, 28 June 2019

How To Pursue Your Writing When You Don't Live In Hollywood

I believe that many screenwriters fail not because they lack talent or drive, but because they’re swayed by unfounded opinions, or because they think moving to LA is the starting point for any level of screenwriting success. Spoiler alert: it’s not. Being close to the Hollywood sign won’t require any less time and effort from you.


Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Taking The Industry By Storm: An Interview with Screenwriter Anna Klassen

Meet today's guest at Into The Script - Screenwriter, Anna Klassen, whose story is inspiring for many of us - taking the industry by storm after winning the Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship and now writing a feature film for Netflix - Alice and Dorothy. 

Before she entered the world of screenwriting, Anna worked as an entertainment journalist and had written for platforms such as Buzzfeed, Newsweek and The Daily Beast. Her spec, When Lightning Strikes - a biopic about J.K. Rowling focusing on the years leading up to her creating Harry Potter garnered her even more notoriety as one to watch.

Listed as one of the top unproduced scripts on the Black List and Hit List, Anna’s biopic has helped Anna get major industry attention being a “first-time writer.”

Anna’s accomplished all of this in just over two years and has most recently released an ebook: “How to Succeed as a Screenwriter” on Amazon.

So, if you would like to find out how Anna has taken the industry by storm, and learn some of her top tips when it comes to writing a great spec, tackling biopics and adapting major literary works for the screen - carry on reading!

Monday, 24 June 2019

Alfred Hitchcock's Top 4 Tips For Creating Tension

Alfred Hitchcock's well-known maxim of the difference between surprise and suspense - between an audience seeing a bomb explode underneath a table, and knowing that there is a bomb ready to explode underneath the table - is as accurate today as it was during the master's heyday. I'll explore the principles the great director observed which made his stories so enjoyable and suspenseful to watch. 

Friday, 21 June 2019

Finding Your Voice & Selling Your Story: An Interview with FAUDA Screenwriter, Michal Aviram

Every experienced screenwriter was once someone who followed expert tips before selling any script at all.

Successful screenwriters are born from all backgrounds, nationalities, and locations. That's exactly the subject I'm going to tackle in today's interview with Michal Aviram, the screenwriter of Netflix's acclaimed Israeli political thriller Fauda. 

Read on for insightful screenwriting tips, as well as a word from this pro about making your script Netflix-worthy. 


Monday, 17 June 2019

How To Write An Ending That Serves Your Story & Satisfies Audiences

After seeing the division between fans regarding the ending of the epic fantasy series Game of Thrones, I wondered what makes a good ending? Is there ever a good place to stop a story and if there is, where is the best place to end and are there any patterns as to why people love or loathe an ending  

This should go without saying but just in case ***spoilers*** 

I asked fans of LOSTThe Sopranos and Game of Thrones to share their thoughts on the endings of these three epic shows.  

Friday, 7 June 2019

How To Write For A Hit Game Franchise: An Interview with Narrative Director,Darby McDevitt

For those not familiar with Darby’s work, he is currently a Narrative Director, and has previously worked as a scriptwriter, designer, and producer on platforms such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers and Disney. 

His short fiction has been published in literary journals and anthologies. He is also a musician with four albums released to date. Darby has directed, edited and produced a number of short films as well as being sound designer for festival-circuit films and professional theatre. Impressive stuff, right!

Those who do know Darby will probably associate him best with the popular action-adventure game, Assassin’s Creed, however he has also worked on Game Franchises such as Pirates of The Caribbean, Lord of The Rings, The Sims, Ice Age and The Chronicles of Narnia.


Saturday, 1 June 2019

How To Write The Modern Fairytale Protagonist

Recently, I was fortunate enough to tick off something pretty major on my bucket list. I was able to attend the cast and crew preview screening of Disney's latest live action adaptation of one of their most popular animated classics - Aladdin. 

Aladdin has always had a special in my heart,  the songs of course are instantly recognisable and Robin William's performance as the Genie is one that has stayed with audiences worldwide. There was a lot to live up to, and honestly - I wasn't sure of how the live-action adaptation could possibly top it. 

However, the experience of watching the live-action adaptation was something that moved me, and has still not left me weeks later. It truly is one of the best Disney films I've seen. 

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