Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Get It On The Page with Top Script Consultants Craig Kellem and Judy Hammett

This week at Into The Script, we are welcoming back Craig Kellem and Judy Hammett from Hollywoodscript! Celebrating the release of their book 'Get It On The Page', Craig and Judy are sharing some of their best advice and tips with us.

Craig served as a development executive at Universal Television (VP of Comedy Development) where he developed and sold the hit series “Charles in Charge” as well as many other shows such as the acclaimed series, “Domestic Life” which starred Martin Mull, (executive produced by Steve Martin). At 20th Century Fox Television Craig was Director of Development for Late Night, Syndication and Daytime, where he conceived and sold the well received “Roadshow” reality pilot for NBC. He has also served as a SNL staff member (Associate Producer and Talent Consultant).

Judy has lived and worked in various regions and capacities: In Namibia, Africa, as part of a health care program; in Lexington, Mississippi as part of a human rights organization; in Bologna, Italy, directing a language school and teaching English as a Second Language.

Her professional experience also includes research, story packaging and administrative work at Universal Studios, and providing coverage for APA (Agency for Performing Arts) as well as ghostwriting.
Craig and Judy have been at the forefront of WHAT studios are looking for, and what it takes to turn a mediocre story into a MARKETABLE concept. So, get ready to take notes and don't forget to head over to Into The Script over on Instagram for details on how to win an exclusive FREE copy of Judy and Craig's new book!


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

From Horror Shorts to Hollywood with Filmmaker Matt Sears

Into The Script is excited to welcome award-winning filmmaker Matt Sears as our guest today, who you probably recognise for his short horror films “I heard It Too”, “Charlie Boy”, “Give Her Back” and “Toby”. Matt’s YouTube shorts have garnered the attention of major film studios, and he is currently working on his next project “My Friend The Demon”, which has hollywood heavyweight Javier Botet of Mama, Crimson Peak and IT attached to star.

So, if you’ve always wanted to know how to get your (horror) short film noticed by a hollywood film studio, with BIG talent interested – then carry on reading!


Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The Number 1 Thing Screenwriters Often Overlook

With all the resolutions, and promises of making positive changes and habits in 2019 - have you stopped to think about the ONE THING that matters most as a screenwriter? Surprisingly, it's often the most common thing writers overlook!

In today's guest post - written by Hollywoodscript founders, script consultant partnership - Judy and Craig - (who have worked in story and development for companies such as Universal Television & 20th Century Fox Television)- are letting you in  on the number one thing ALL writers need to remember.

With that in mind, let's hand over to Judy and Craig:


Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Working With Major Hollywood Studios: An Interview with Script Consultant Phil Clarke

We are back in 2019, and what a great guest to start off the year, and share with you today!

Into The Script brings you the first interview of the new year, with script consultant and screenwriter Phil Clarke. Phil has been fortunate enough to have worked alongside some of the most influential names in the business, such as Tim Burton, George Lucas, Chris Columbus and Danny Boyle and with MAJOR studio names including Warner Brothers, Paramount and 20th Century Fox - SO, if there's anybody writers & filmmakers need to listen to - it's Phil! 
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