Thursday, 29 November 2018

8 Types Of Conflict That Will Improve Your Story

We all know that without conflict of any kind - there's no story. But, figuring out what kind of conflict works best for your narrative - that's not always so simple! 

Which is why today, we're covering 8 different types of conflict that can be used in any genre or medium with a quick and easy summary.

So, whether you're a screenwriter, author or playwright, take note of the following examples. 

*All scripts available to read and download in this post have been sourced either from Script Slug, IMSDb or Simply Scripts

(Please note the following terms have been taken from the wonderful resource TV Tropes, and that 'Man' can be interchangeable with 'Woman')


Monday, 26 November 2018

5 Character Tropes Nobody Told You About

Today we are learning about 5 of the most unusual character tropes that you may not even know existed! 

These tropes will show us exactly HOW these examples can take our characters from good to great, AND you can read and download the scripts for Deadpool, Gravity, Se7en and Thor: Ragnarok.

So, if you want to know HOW to elevate your story AND bring something new to the narrative - then keep on reading:

(All screenplays included are sourced from Script Slug)

Friday, 23 November 2018

Developing Your Story Into A Marketable Concept With Script Editor & Producer Andrew Oldbury

Script Editor & Producer Andrew Oldbury has credits including television series Endeavour, Holby City, Agatha Raisin and Coronation Street - as well as having produced several award-winning films, animations and a VR Game over the course of his career. 

With Andrew's extensive knowledge and experience in development, he is in the KNOW when it comes to writing the script EVERY producer wants to get their hands on! 

So, if you'd like to know what it takes when it comes to producing, developing a marketable concept and the key ingredient  every story needs - Andrew's the man to listen to:

Friday, 16 November 2018

8 Steps To Zen: Mastering Your Craft With Ease

Today on the blog we have a wonderful guest post courtesy of Pamela Perry!

8 Steps To Zen covers the key 8 steps us writers and filmmakers need to follow when it comes to ensuring our creative process is easier, productive and more enjoyable. 

So if your writing has been causing you some stress lately, sit back and take read of these 8 steps you need to remember! 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

How To Attract Talent To Your Project with Actress, Writer & Director Liz Garland

Liz Garland knows about MAKING AN IMPRESSION - the do's and the don'ts - from all sides. Not only is Liz an actress, writer and director, but she also MAKES it her business as a presentation coach and communication trainer; to teach people HOW to confidently present themselves and pitch their ideas. 

With Theatre, Film and TV credits including Sebastian Faulks 'Birdsong', Gangsta Granny and The Sweeney - Liz knows exactly what kind of script ACTORS and DIRECTORS want to read! 

So, if you want to make sure you're putting your best SELF and SCRIPT forward, then look no further:

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

6 Top Tips On Finding Your Story with Author, Emma Pullar

Emma Pullar is the author of children's books 'Kitty Stuck' and 'Curly from Shirley', the YA Dystopian series 'Skeletal' and 'Avian', and is currently working on her first Thriller novel. 

Emma has also recently added screenwriter to her list of growing projects - so it's safe to say, she is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Emma is proof that your writing doesn't always have to fit into just one box (genre), and that you should feel free to try new things in your writing!

Today, Emma shares with us her top tips on conquering self-doubt, knowing when to trust your story and how to find a writing routine that works for you!


Friday, 2 November 2018

Navigating The Industry with Director & Producer, Rick Friedberg

Director and Producer Rick Friedberg has worked on award winning Documentaries, TV commercials, music videos, feature films and Television series- such as The Twilight Zone,  CSI:Miami, Scorpion and Bravo's hit franchise: The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Rick is also the author of 'Hollywood War Stories: How to Survive in the Trenches' which covers ALL aspects when it comes to seeking a career in the industry.

Today, Rick has been kind enough to share a few insights with us, so keep on reading to hear his top tips!

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