7 TV Drama Pilots You Need To Read & Why

Monday 24 September 2018

I've discussed on how to write compelling TV Drama with Doc Martin Screenwriter Julian Unthank here - and today, I have rounded up 7 of the top TV Drama pilots for you to read, study & hopefully inspire your own writing. 

First, checkout these 3  bitesize writing tips!

Writing Tip #1
A Unique Voice With a Compelling Character

Writing a compelling drama means you need to have something to SAY to the audience. What is it you want them to take from this, to remember? WHY is it that YOU are writing this? 

Work on a hook that will entice audiences into your story immediately, make them want to continue watching each episode with well structured sequences. Tease and release information to the audience as your narrative builds towards its conclusion. 

Writing Tip #2 
Make Your Ensemble Cast Interesting

Audiences know exactly what they want, and there are far too many great ensemble shows for you NOT to be writing them correctly. 

Just because they're not the lead, DOES NOT mean you're able to get away with writing flat, one-dimensional characters. Every ensemble character in your story must somehow relate back to the lead or serve the narrative. For decoration is not a good enough reason! 

Julian Unthank (Doc Martin) said to try and think of the clear theme in your work, and find a way your characters tie into this via. different viewpoints. 

Writing Tip #3
Be BOLD In Your Writing & Go For It! 

Be aware of the market you're writing for - research what topics are current, what shows did well and what didn't. How does your script match up to that? Why did you like these shows and their lead characters?

Get feedback, know what gap is in the market and use all of your knowledge and research to make your TV Drama the best and most marketable it can be. 


These scripts are FREE downloads and sourced from the following sites: TV Writing, and from the amazing list of 50 of The Best TV Scripts by Script Reader Pro.

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