5 Ways WOM (Word of Mouth) Can Make or Break Your Career

Monday 17 September 2018

WOM (Word of Mouth ) can be the most powerful tool when used positively, however when it isn't - it can absolutely dampen any potential opportunities that come your way.

Which is why I'm sharing HOW to make sure WOM works in your favour, instead of AGAINST you!

5 Ways You Can MAKE IT

Always Be Open To Advice/Feedback/Opportunities

Be open and pro-active about listening to all of the above. It's in your benefit to show others that you're easy-going AND a pleasure to work with. 

Go with the flow and follow your gut!

Keep Your Personal Opinions Out of Office and Network Like a Pro

The industry is much smaller than you probably realise, everybody knows somebody and you wan't to always leave a job/project/potential colleague with a positive experience of your time together. 

Don't ruin any  further opportunities by saying anything negative. You're a pro, so act like one!

Keep to Deadlines AND Your Word

If you make a commitment to write an article, interview someone or respond to an email by a certain time then PLEASE DO IT, or at least try to! Give advance notice if this isn't possible to keep to. 

You want to show you're reliable and trustworthy when it comes to DELIVERING CONSISTENT QUALITY! 

Seek Opportunities AND Get Involved

Opportunities mostly don't come knocking on your door - you have to put the effort in to find them!

Get out there and offer to be involved, contact blogs to write a guest post, email somebody who'd you like to connect with, just DON'T send multiple emails! CONNECT, OBSERVE AND LEARN.

If you put your name out there, people will start to take notice. 

Use Twitter (Instagram/Facebook etc) To Your Advantage

Be active on social media, share articles of interest and relevant hashtags. You will quickly build up an audience who will recognise, follow or share what you do. 

Social Media can be a powerful and positive thing when used correctly! It's your public platform to promote whatever message you want - so make it a GOOD one! 

5 Ways You Can BREAK IT


A social vampire = somebody who tries to use and abuse the contacts that come their way in the hope of attaining their own personal agenda/goals. 

Don't do this, it's not cool/clever or subtle. INSTANT turn off for any potential work colleagues and you'll get a reputation. Instead...

Build GENUINE relationships!

Don't Expect Anything - Especially From Somebody You Don't Know

You're not owed anything, and rightfully so! It's down to you to do the hard work, so don't go around asking for favours ESPECIALLY when you've NEVER said two words to that person. 

IF they do respond to you with a response, PLEASE take the time to say thank-you! You'd be surprised to know how many don't bother. It's always noted - SILENCE speaks volumes. 

Don't Cold Message on Social Media
If you bombard people with private messages/DM's or Tweets with links to your latest short or script - you're NOT building a relationship or networking. It's the equivalent of a cold call and will NOT do you any favours. 

Follow people on social media, share what you like of theirs and build a CONVERSATION with one another. 

Don't  Let Success Get To Your Head

Unfortunately there's always a few that feel the need to talk down to others who may not have had as much experience. 

Experience doesn't always equal talent or better than. We are all dealt different cards on the filmmaking/writing career path - as you know - there is no yellow brick road for us to all follow. 

So, please remain humble and honest when talking with your peers. ENCOURAGE others and INSPIRE, but don't PATRONISE. 

Don't Put Down Others To Make Yourself Feel Better

I've seen this a few times in writing groups or even worse, in person! 

Don't be THAT person, focus on your own game. Work on your craft and on becoming a better writer. 

The only person you should be in competition with is yourself!

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