4 Life Lessons ALL Writers Should Know From Aggretsuko

Monday 30 April 2018

Let me start by saying, I had never heard of Aggretsuko until she popped up on my Netflix recommendations a few days ago (THANK YOU Netflix for introducing me to my spirit animal) - however I HAD heard of her more famous Sanrio sister Hello Kitty.

Now, before you presume this post is going to be all pink fluffy candy floss and rainbows - STOP RIGHT THERE. 

The new Netflix show Aggretsuko is all about a badass red panda that likes to rock out as a HEAVY METAL SINGER in between being 25 and single, and stuck working in a shitty office job. 

As if we can't all relate to that? 

Working a shitty office job I mean, I gave up on my heavy metal singing career long ago...

So, feeling inspired and mostly sad that I had binge watched my entire way through the whole of Season 1, I began to realise that the life of Aggretsuko had a lot of lessons relevant to the life of a writer and wanted to share her wisdom!

Life Lesson 1


Not feeling inspired? Dreading getting up in the morning? Exactly like Aggretsuko, but she doesn't mope around for too long! 

Allow yourself 5 more minutes until the snooze alarm goes off, but once it does you stop the pity party.

You get up and get that shit done!

Do something for yourself BEFORE you even get to work - ANYTHING- that keeps you motivated, is productive and benefits YOU. 

Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Walk the dogs or some gentle yoga stretching in the morning.
  • Meditate - it really does help you focus! 
  • 15 minutes of working on your novel, jot some ideas down to come back to later.
  • Research a blog post, look into the things you daydream about and stay inspired.
Literally anything that is a productive step forward, do it-  so you feel like you've put energy immediately into yourself and your dreams before sitting in an office all day doing somebody else's work. 

Life Lesson 2


Aggretsuko takes the shitty office job but STILL makes time for her passion and spends any chance she has being a badass HEAVY METAL singer. 

Do what you have to do that allows you to follow pursue your ambitions. 

Look into every avenue that allows you to do this around the 9-5 job. Look into internships, or a summer work placement, find a mentor who could Skype with you once a month? 

Where there's a will, there's a way! 

Life Lesson 3 


Aggretsuko has to put up with her fair share of irritating co-workers. 

In any office job, it's a given you'll meet some of these characters. 

Navigate the crazy as best you can, and try to find one or two like-minded friends you can hide away and grab a coffee with! Otherwise, try to ignore the inevitable drama and bullshit that will find its way to your desk and remember the end goal - this is NOT your forever. It's a stepping stone!

Whatever isn't serving you or your ambitions - let it go. 

Life Lesson 4


Just because you're polite, does NOT mean being a pushover! 

Stand up for yourself, especially when it comes to your writing. Enter that competition, connect and collaborate with that director or actor or writer you friended on Facebook.  Don't wait for an opportunity, go out there and make it happen! 

Use your time wisely - look for ways to get your name and work out there, work towards your writing career  while you're daydreaming in the office:

  • NETWORK through social media - tweet out pitches or loglines for feedback
  • CHECK OUT what's happening in your online writers group - be an active member
  •  READ that film script of your favourite film - learn and take notes

Make that crappy job work in your favour! 

It's incredibly hard (I KNOW!) to be stuck doing a job you loathe but this is all temporary - only YOU have the ability to create the change needed.

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